Friday, October 5, 2012

Blue Jay and Blossoms sketch

Blue Jay and Blossoms

I started this sketch in the Spring and put it aside, now that it's   Fall, it seems blue jay's are everywhere. I hear that familiar call  everytime I leave my house, reminding me Winter is around the corner.


Marc Calvo said...

Beautifull blue jay John.Salutations from Cataluña.

Paschalis said...

Wonderful!!A stunning bird skillfuly painted..


John said...

Paschalis and Marc thank you so much!

I like to do these sketches quick and have a little fun with them.

Clive Meredith said...

your enjoyment in creating these wonderful sketches shows in the finished works john.they are terrific and i imagine very rewarding and refreshing to be able to 'lighten up' a touch whilst also in the midst of such a large scale piece as your kestrel painting

John said...

Yes Clive thank you! I do enjoy doing these looser, quicker sketches for those very reason's.